Tailored Support Services

Tailored Mentoring

Our Tailored Mentoring program provides an opportunity for young people to spend time with a positive role model who will help them build skills and resilience through targeted activities.

Children and young people are matched with mentors who participate in activities of interest to the young person. Our mentors are trained in therapeutic care and are positive role models, who can offer perspective and acknowledge achievement.

Our aim is to better equip young people to cope with life’s challenges and decisions by assisting them to learn important skills and achieve their potential.

  • Life Skills
    • Healthy and active lifestyle activities
    • Community involvement.
  • Independent Living Skills
    • Budgeting
    • Time management
    • Transport
    • Making appointments
    • Job skills
    • Nutrition and cooking
    • Finding suitable accommodation.

School and Activity Support

We can support young people in class or during activities so they can participate and feel included in the school and broader community.

  • In class support
  • Sporting activities
  • School or Therapeutic Camps
  • Excursions and outings

Individualised Educational Support

Big Brown House can support children and young people to reach educational goals.

We can assist with Individual Education Plans or provide support with general learning. We can also help young people develop skills through project-based learning, created with their input, around their interests and strengths.

To find out more about any of our programs or services, please call us on 0437 223 164 or contact us here