Supported Family Time, Transport and Changeover

Supported Family Time now available ONLINE!

As a response to COVID-19 Big Brown House (BBH) is offering ONLINE Supported Family Time services.

Our therapeutic support workers can host supported family time online using Zoom.

Where Zoom is not available, BBH therapeutic support workers will host supported family time using other platforms, including but not limited to, Skype, Facetime, video calls and phone calls (without video).

BBH therapeutic support workers can host approved supported family time with family members (using their own technology) at home. We also have the option of providing technology, within one of our properties in the Newcastle area, where there is no access in participants home(s).

BBH adheres to the highest health and safety standards, in line with all Federal and State Government regulations.

Download our information sheet here and contact us for more information.

Supported Family Time (Supervised Contact)

Big Brown House Supported Family Time assists children and young people to enjoy a pleasant visit with family members.

Our Therapeutic Support Workers provide a safe and nurturing environment resulting in a positive experience for all involved.

Our Supported Family Time program provides;

  • A tailored program to encourage positive family interaction and help develop stronger connections
  • Visits in a variety of family friendly locations, such as venues within the community or our safe and family centred contact rooms
  • Prompt and detailed reports, which have been recognised as a high standard by the Family Court.


Big Brown House offers a supportive and reliable transport service for children, young people and families to local, regional or interstate locations.

We have comfortable and safe company cars, with up to 8 seats, including a professionally installed baby car seat.

Our transport services can be used for;

  • Transport to and from school
  • To and from respite
  • For appointments or court dates
  • Camps or family vacations
  • Interstate transport and travel bookings.

These services are available for children and young people of all ages and levels of ability. Transport is available at short notice, both inside and outside of business hours and during holidays.

Big Brown House Transport may also be linked with our Supported Family Time, Respite or Mentoring services.


Big Brown House helps families to have a positive visit with our Changeover services.

Our Therapeutic Support Workers facilitate or supervise the changeover, while supporting the children and young people and enabling a stress free visit for all involved.

For more information or to speak confidentially to one of our intake officers, please call 0437 223 164 or click here