Supervised Contact

Supervised Contact

Our Supervised contact service allows children to have a stress free visit with a parent or other family members, and our workers provide a safe and supportive environment through:

  • Allowing children to go from one parent to another without being exposed to conflict
  • Children are able to maintain a relationship with their other parent or family member with out any   pressure
  • Ensuring that the child’s best interests are always the first priority during the visit
  • Making the parent or loved one feel welcomed to have contact with the child on neutral ground
  • Our workers are fully trained to provide a professional service

In order for your visit to run smoothly, please arrive on time, and ready for the visit. If you are running late for a visit, please contact Big Brown House as soon as possible.  Your visit will be forfeited if you are fifteen minutes late and you do not contact our service.


We offer transport to families for children to be picked up and taken to a visit and also dropped off back home after a visit.  Big Brown House can also provide transport of a young person to camp, school or to see loved ones.  Transport will be arranged by the parent with our agency to ensure that the young person is taken to the appropriate place and in a timely manner.  By providing transport for the young person it negates any possibility of conflict between parents or loved ones which will allow a more comfortable arrangement through using a third party.


In separated families there are times when a child needs to be ‘changed over’ and ‘changed back’ to the parent or another family member who does not have the day-to-day care of them. In cases where either parent is not comfortable with meeting face-to-face, a Big Brown House Supervised Contact worker will facilitate or supervise the changeover.

Big Brown House Changeover Services goal is to avoid unnecessary conflict and stress for children and their parents. Parents are not required to come into physical contact with each other, and the children are protected from witnessing arguments between their parents or loved ones.  Changeover occurs at a designated place and time and we are dedicated to try and make this event as stress free as possible for all those involved.

For more information or to speak to one of our intake officers please call 0437223164 or click here

To download information on Supervised Contact, Transport and Changeover click here