Mentors & Mates

The Mentors & Mates program is an opportunity for young people to spend some time with a person outside of their current household.

This program can be used as a form of respite which will allow young people an opportunity to speak with someone outside of their household and who is not attached to their everyday care environment.  Children are able to spend time with someone who is there to listen and participate in activities of interest to the young person which he or she may not normally be able to do.

The Mentors & Mates program also gives those young people who need to improve their social skills and independent living skills a person who can do this with them.  This part of the program is primarily for children between the ages of 15 to 17 who are preparing to leave their current household and move to a form of independent living.  Our Mentors will work on skills such as but not limited to paying bills, budgeting, time management, resume writing, and discussing some of the issues the young person may be facing with independent living.

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