Family and Carer Supports

Family Preservation and In-Home Support program

  • In Home Therapeutic Family Support
  • Parent and Carer Capacity Building
  • Restoration Support plans

Big Brown House offers flexible and family focused services for children, young people and families who need support. Our services are tailored to meet the complex needs of families and result in the best possible outcomes.

Family preservation and in-home support is an early intervention service that works to develop family strengths. Big Brown House provides structured in-home support that helps parents and carers to build on their skills.

Family preservation and in-home support is targeted towards families who:

  • Need support to prevent family breakdown
  • Are at risk of entering the care system
  • Require support for children or young people returning to their care
  • Need extra support for children and young people in their care

The Family Preservation and In-Home Support service accepts referrals from any government or non-government organisations, along with self-referrals for families seeking support.

Big Brown House empowers families to build stronger relationships and connections within the community.

Please contact Big Brown House for a confidential discussion about your needs on 0437 223 164 or email us at